Uganda’s Easter Message Calls For Genocide

Clergy praise Museveni on gay law and call for resilience…
Several churches in eastern Uganda praised President Museveni in their Easter sermons for assenting to the anti-gays law in February.

In Tororo District, Bishop Emmanuel Obbo, the Archbishop of Tororo Archdiocese, urged every citizen who supported the anti-homosexuality law to lay down greed, corruption and “put them to death and let generosity rise up within us and flow out in abundance.” He said “In Christ, we have victory over dysfunctional relationships, bad habits, painful experiences, sexual temptation and devastating circumstances.”

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Petition: Amend Articles 13 (b), 55 (c) & 76 (c) of the ‘Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice,’ to include freedom from religion.

“The proposed amendments seek to protect the rights of non-believers and their freedom to express their non-belief, in member countries with standing blasphemy laws that infringe upon the human rights of non-believers.  At present, the Articles expressly protect religious freedoms, but do not protect the freedom of non-believers and as such, non-believers are being persecuted, imprisoned and even executed for expressing their opinions with regards to certain religions in various member countries.”