The name of this blog is an oxymoron. It’s inspired by Sayeeda Warsi, who is ‘Minister for Faith and Communities’ in David Cameron’s UK government (despite never having been elected by anyone at all).

Warsi is famous for having, in a ‘you couldn’t make it up’ sort of  way, denounced ‘militant secularisation’ and ‘aggressive secularism’. Meanwhile, scarcely a day goes by without reports of some atrocity or other committed by her co-religionists.

Secularism is the principle of separating government from religious factions. It does not mean preventing religious people from expressing their views or practising their religions. Where one religion is in charge, invariably members of other religions are disadvantaged, oppressed or even persecuted, as happened in the past in the UK – right up to the 19th century. Secularism simply means that no religion is in real charge. It is the basis of our current freedom in the west, and that freedom could easily be lost.

If to express support for secularism and religious freedom is ‘militant’, then I shall shall proudly wear the tag of ‘militant secularist’.

This blog will provide some factual background to understand why secularism is necessary, and why we listen to the nonsense of Warsi and ‘religious leaders’ at our peril. I hardly need to comment on most of what goes on here, but from time to time I’ll publish links to some awesome things secularists are doing.

To keep this blog genuinely comprehensive would be a full-time job. These items are just a few that have caught my attention.


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